Grief Support Fellowship

28 June 2020

2.30PM – 4.30PM

ZOOM Online Meeting


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Dr. Edmund Ng

Trained at the doctoral level in psychodynamic counselling and practical theology. He is also one of the few Asians certified with a Fellow in Thanatology (Grief Therapy). A former pastor and business CEO, Edmund is the Founding President of the National Association of Christian Counsellors Malaysia.

Edmund’s counselling objective goes beyond helping the person to cope in life towards bringing about a character transformation and wholeness that relates closer to God and be more dependent on Him.

Ed. D. Counseling(Cand.) (AGST), D. Min. (UK), FT (ADEC, USA)


A. Consequences of losing someone during MCO

This event is to bring together and provide support for those who have loss their loved ones. We have a special talk “Consequences of losing someone during MCO” by Dr Edmund Ng, Thanatologist, specialising in Grief therapy

B. Introductory Briefing on GT–Grief Support Group Season 4 (2020)

A good opportunity to find out more about this 13 weeks (Sundays) program. It could be useful for yourself if you are grieving over the death of a loved one, or you may want to encourage someone else to consider it.

For more info on Grief Support Group click here

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