By Rev. Dr. Vincent Leoh


This year our annual Bible Reading Plan is taking on a new approach. In 2021, we will be diving into the Word using a topical reading method. This method is a very interesting and fruitful way of reading the Bible. It fills one’s mind about a subject and enables us to gain a holistic understanding of what the Bible says about it. Topical reading is not intended to take one through the entire Bible or every book of the Bible. It is a process that involves meditating on a scripture that is specific to a word, phrase, problem, or thought. It begins with a question: “What does the Bible say about…?”

Completing a topical bible study will increase our faith in many ways. It will give us confidence in God’s thoughts and promises on a particular subject and leaves us with  actionable steps to transform our life based on the truth of God’s Word.

This Topical Reading Plan includes a list of scriptures related to a variety of carefully selected topics: 54 topics to be exact! Each topic will cover four to ten days of reading, with at least three scriptures a day. You can choose to follow this reading plan chronologically by following the calendar year, or topically, according to your personal needs and situations.

We are excited to be delving into the Word together this year. We pray that it will bless and grow you in every season that this year brings.

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