Family Relationship Being Restored

Last Sunday night Pastor Bill spoke about reconciliation between family members. My wife and I were watching on Bethel TV, and we stood up in front of our computer and prayed for our youngest son, who had cut off contact with us for six months. We hadn’t had direct contact with him for over a year, and he had requested no contact with us for six months. We believed that God would restore our relationship, but we didn’t know when.

We would frequently see him at the store where he worked when we would go shopping, and when he saw us, he would ignore us, angrily walking away. This scene repeated every time we saw him.

Last Saturday we stopped at the store where he worked. I parked next to an older car in need of repair and had a sense that it was his car. He had been riding a bicycle to work, and I didn’t know that he had bought a car three days before. As I had that thought, I also thought maybe we would run into him. I looked up, and he was standing in front of us. We were hesitant, not knowing what his response to us would be. He said, “Hi guys,” and I stuck out my hand to shake his, and he said to hug. I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him. He hugged my wife, and we briefly talked. Then he headed home.

This was a huge change! We worshipped the Lord in the aisles of that store, thanking Him for His faithfulness in answering our prayers.

We are looking forward to a full restoration of our relationship in the days ahead.