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Pentecost Prayer & Fasting

Does God still supernaturally invade people’s lives today?  Church history would echo a resounding YES! What will change in your life if you personally have an encounter with the Holy Spirit? If the lives of disciples in the Book of Acts provide any precedent, it will be the encounter with the Holy Spirit that changes EVERYTHING! When the disciples of Jesus encountered the glory of God at Pentecost, they did not just go back to living normal lives.

They emerged from that place as the light in the midst of darkness, and turn the world upside down for Jesus through proclamation of the gospel. The Holy Spirit enabled them to work miracles, signs and wonders, and many believed in Jesus Christ. One encounter with the Holy Spirit can cause you to come alive in the spirit and experience a fresh awakening in an extraordinary way, just like the days of Acts.

Over the next ten (10) days, we invite you to join us on a spiritual journey to Pentecost with prayer and fasting. Each day there is something for us to reflect on life application as we seek to have an “ENCOUNTER WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT”. May the Holy Spirit direct and guide you during this season of prayer and fasting.

Types of fast


Total Fast
Abstain from solid food and water or any beverage.

Normal Fast
Abstain from solid food. Take only water.

Partial Fast
Abstain from solid food. Take only water and liquid food such as soup, milk.

Daniel’s Fast
Abstain from meat. Take only vegetables, fruits, juices.

Length of fasting


Normal Fast
12 hours or, from sunrise to sundown.Abstain from solid food and water or any beverage.

Selective Fast
Fast one full meal a day, e.g. lunch or dinner.


*Note: If you have a medical condition, do seek your doctor’s advice on the type and duration of your fast.



Commit to pray 15 minutes in the spirit every day besides fasting.

Fast and pray together as a family. Decide on one type of fast everyone in the family will commit to, and come together daily to pray for 15 minutes.

Connect Group
During Connect Group, spend time to pray as a group using the booklet. Pray in the spirit for 15 minutes and allow the Holy Spirit to move in your midst.

Download a PDF copy of the Prayer & Fasting Booklet