Jesus told His disciples to live in the power of the Spirit, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you…” (Acts 1:8). What follows that commandment in the Book of Acts is a movement, unlike anything the world had seen in which the disciples and followers of Jesus lived lives of explosive power and turned their world upside down. The church today can have the same “momentum” and the same impact that the early Christians had in their world. Is it still possible for us today?


Do join us for the ten (10) days of prayer and fasting leading to Pentecost – what it means to live life in the Holy Spirit. Each day there is a question to reflect on life application. We pray that you will discover what it looks like, on a practical level, to live in the power of the Spirit every day. Journey with us and watch the Holy Spirit move mightily in your life during this season of prayer and fasting.


Total Fast: Abstain from solid foods and water or any beverage.
Normal Fast: Abstain from solid foods. Take only water.
Partial Fast: Abstain from solid foods. Take only water and liquid foods such as soup, milk.
Daniel’s Fast: Abstain from meat. Take only vegetables, fruits, juices.


Normal Fast: 12 hours or from sunrise to sundown.
Selective Fast: Fast one full meal a day, e.g. lunch or dinner.

*Note: If you have a medical condition, do seek your doctor’s advice on the type of fast and the duration of fasting.


As Individuals: Commit to pray 15 minutes in the spirit every day besides fasting.

Family: Fast and pray together as a family. Decide on one type of fast everyone in the family will commit to, and come together daily to pray for 15 minutes.

Cell Group: During Open Cell, spend time to as a group using the booklet. Pray in the spirit for 15 minutes and allow the Holy Spirit to move in your midst.

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