Pastoral Team

Rev Michael Tan

Main Pastor

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” Matthew 6:33 has been the foundation for every defining moment in the life of Rev Michael Tan. 

With what has truly been a journey of faith from the Island of the north to the city lights of Kuala Lumpur, Rev Michael Tan has remained faithful in his walk with God and continues to seek the Lord in honoring the calling over his life to be a vessel for the Kingdom and His church. 

Supported by his lovely wife of 37 years, Gwendoline played a defining role in his walk with Christ. Through her persistent prayer, the Lord was able to open the heart of Rev Michael Tan to receive the Heavenly Father and begin a renewal work in his life. It was the planting of the seed of what would be a life in full time ministry.

Rev Michael Tan is an Alumni of the Bible College of Malaysia and has effectively served as a Minister and Pastor spanning almost two decades with Glad Tidings Assembly of God. 

In his first keynote address as Main Pastor of Glad Tidings, he imparted a clear God driven vision onto the congregation. “In this new season, as we forge ahead, we will do

so as a family. One Church. Everyone matters, that you matter and all who seek Him will find a place and a family here in Glad Tidings.” 

This vision for a One Church starts with the adaptation of a new culture. A culture that promotes inclusivity through our expanding Online ministry, Connect Groups, Family Life ministry and our Intergenerational ministry which facilitates the convergence of different age groups in worshipping and partaking of church life together. 

With his leadership, Rev Michael Tan and the Glad Tidings Team are determined to ensure that all who step through the doors of the church will be warmly welcomed and experience God together with His people in a fresh and life transforming way. And for those who are seeking to belong and to be part of the family of Christ, Glad Tidings would like to say, Welcome Home.

Rev. James Wong
Associate Pastor, Chinese Church

Rev. Linda Khoo
Associate Pastor, English Church


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